Welcome !  This is an informational only site. It is a resource for those interested in Golf Tournament Scorecards. Tournament Scorecards are those scorecards that were actually used in golf tournaments by the contestants. Collecting them is a wonderful hobby that takes knowledge and dedication as the chase can be quite demanding. There are likely more Tournament Scorecards available than one would think and also an ever expanding collector base. This is due primarily to the validation capabilities and authenticity characteristics that differentiate these items from all other signed collectibles. We hope that you find this site interesting and that your quest for either knowledge or for actual Tournament Scorecards is broadened. Thanks for visiting.


Newsflash:  Leaf Trading Cards appears to have acquired a large quantity of Tournament Scorecards and has started to distribute them in their 2014 Legends of the Links offering. If you can't get any from a Card Distributor, there seem to be many being auctioned off on eBay. Get them while you can as the supply is finite. Some great steals are to be had but beware the below:

The Good:   Leaf Trading Cards opened up the Tournament Scorecard hobby to a new and wide audience. There are now many more collector’s that realize the intrinsic value of these items versus other signed collectibles.

The Bad:   To authenticate the Scorecards, Leaf used PSA/DNA and/or Beckett. The sad truth is that neither of these outfits could likely have identified the signatures of the Markers. However, when the original seller of this collection sold it, he included a spreadsheet that had already identified all of the Markers. This gave both PSA/DNA and Beckett a wealth of information that would have taken them years to mine (if ever). In spite of that “gift”, PSA/DNA still managed to misidentify (or should we say mislabel) some of the Scorecards. Following is a particularly obvious example (PSA/DNA says Gil Morgan but its obviously Frank Connor):

The Ugly:   For reasons unknown, Leaf chose to maul some of the Scorecards in order to offer “cut” signatures. Why anyone would destroy a Tournament Scorecard and thereby also destroy most of the built in provenance is beyond explanation. Let’s hope that no one ever follows that lead. A contributor to this site (the original seller of the collection) has all of the Scorecards electronically imaged. So if you have a “cut” signature from one of the Leaf Scorecards, contact this site if you want to acquire a full image of the Scorecard. Here is a particularly galling example. And yes, that is/was Ernie Els as the Marker !