Sam Snead's 59

Sam Snead shot the first 59 in professional golf competition. He did it at the Greenbrier White Course in the Snead Festival, an annual tournament featuring Hogan and most of the premier players from those days. His partners on that historic day were members Mr. Paul Summers and Mr. Bruce Forbes. Pictured here is a signed and attested scorecard from one of the greatest rounds ever shot. This scorecard has been verified by Mr. Bob Conte (Greenbrier Historian) as well as authenticated by noted golf expert Mr. Roger Gilchrist. There is some hesitancy to deem it the scorecard that Mr. Summers carried due to neatness of the scoring and also the fact that there is a Team Scorecard that hangs in the Greenbrier. So there is a likelihood that Sam and Paul Summers filled it out immediately post round to note the historic significance of the round. It currently resides in a private collection (collector wishes to remain anonymous). Estimated value – upwards of $10,000.