Authenticity & COA's

While there are many outfits that offer signature authentication services as well as Certificates of Authenticity, these are typically worth the value of the paper that they are printed on. Unless the company that issues the COA guarantee’s authenticity, then the certificate is nothing but a guess by the issuer and a marketing tool/disclaimer used by the seller. For those sellers that do bother to provide COA’s, take a close look and see if the authenticating company has identified the Marker on the scorecard. Most do not because they don’t have the requisite knowledge of golf and/or graphology. Be aware that few of these companies know much about golf autographs outside of the big name golfers. Even the one’s that have some knowledge have minimal exemplars. One of the contributors to this site has an exemplar database of over 52,000 professional golfer signatures, all digitally recorded. This person believes that COA’s are worthless and that you should do your own investigative homework to authenticate a Tournament Scorecard. And again, only deal with a seller that guarantee's the item. If you really need to get an opinion, use a known and respected graphologist from the Manuscript Society or a Golf Autograph Specialist such as Roger Gilchrist or Mark Emerson. Never use an outfit that puts a sticker on the scorecard itself. © Tournament Scorecards