Investing & Value

Investing in any product should not be done without ample knowledge of the targeted industry. Golf memorabilia and collectibles as a whole can be difficult to assess for both current and future values. As a general rule we would avoid items that are devised and manufactured specifically for the collectible market. Items such as these tend to be mass produced, intrinsically generic and of minimal historical value. Such items are hard pressed to retain their purchase value the second that you gain possession. Certainly scarcity is a major component in achieving value. Too common an item pretty much guarantees that its value will be insignificant. Too rare a category will at times reduce value as a vibrant collector base is needed to build and maintain value. Major factors in determining value are authenticity and cross verification. Few items lend themselves so elegantly to both of these factors as Tournament Scorecards. The fact that the hole-by-hole scores are recorded as are (in most cases), the date, starting time and tee, all provide information that makes cross verification very realistic. In addition, old pairing / tee time sheets offer further validation of the Marker. Also, in most cases, more than one scorecard from a tournament usually surfaces, so exemplars of the raw scorecard itself are usually available. We would certainly be very skeptical of any autographed item that is without solid provenance and self documenting credibility. As some FBI estimates have noted that as upwards of 70% of autographed items are forgeries, it is truly buyer beware. Tournament Scorecards offer a piece of mind that few valuables can rival. © Tournament Scorecards