What Exactly Are They ?

They are the actual scorecards that the golfers carry, score and sign for a given round of golf in a competitive event. They are signed by both the Contestant and the Marker. Typically, the Marker scores the card that is labeled and printed for the opposing Contestant. After completion of the round, he/she signs it in the designated Marker area and passes it to the opposing Contestant. The Contestant then reviews the scores and attests to their accuracy by signing in the designated Contestant area. Any discrepancies must be resolved prior to the Contestant signing and submitting the scorecard as official record. Modifications to scores are usually initialed by the Marker. The scorecards are then submitted to the Official Scorers Tent for posting. Each tournament scorecard is unique and is of historical significance. There are slight variations of this procedure throughout the history of the game.

Special Note: The Contestant is responsible for attesting his/her hole-by-hole scores only. They are not tasked with mathematically calculating (i.e. counting) their total score for the round. Strange but true. Also, if they sign for a higher score then they shot on a hole, then the higher score is posted. If they sign for a lower score, they are disqualified. © Tournament Scorecards